Lake Hoppin Custom Baits


We are currently experiencing

up to a 14 day delay,

on all orders.

We are working on a

first come first serve basis,

Please bare with us.

Thank you

All baits are made to order. That means we do not have anything in stock. We have to make everything by hand. When you place a order, you are given a number, We do ever number on a

first come first serve basis . Some orders may take longer than others, but we will get to your order as quickly as we can.  Please DO NOT email us asking us to give u a time to expect ur order. We DO NOT know this. We work hard making everyones baits. Rushing us will not get ur order any faster. If your order more than 3 items you will get a tracking number 1-3 day delivery we will send this information to your email.  If you order 2 or less items, your baits will b shipped without a tracking number and will be shipped 1-5 delivery. and you will also get email when shipped.

 Thank you

Why Choose Us?

Shipping in the us is free. Shipping to canada is Free, But you must Spend $125.00 u.s. to receive Free Shipping. Anything lower than $125.00 starting rate is 15.00 & up for shipping. You must message us or call us to complete this order.  Sorry for any inconvience. Once you place you order their is No refund.  We make all baits to order. again sorry for any inconvience. Any questions please contact us

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Heather Dorris Make 

Each Bait & they are Custom & Handmade

1 Bait At A Time Till Perfection

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Lake Hoppin Custom Baits!