Lake Hoppin Custom Baits

All baits are made to order. That means we do not have anything in stock. We have to make everything by hand. When you place a order, you are given a number, We do ever number on a

first come first serve basis . Some orders may take longer than others, but we will get to your order as quickly as we can.  Please DO NOT email us asking us to give u a time to expect ur order. We DO NOT know this. We work hard making everyones baits. Rushing us will not get ur order any faster. If your order more than 3 items you will get a tracking number 1-3 day delivery we will send this information to your email.  If you order 2 or less items, your baits will b shipped without a tracking number and will be shipped 1-5 delivery. and you will also get email when shipped.

 Thank you

About Us

Lake Hoppin Custom Baits

Each bait is handmade

1 Bait At A Time Till Perfection....

So if your having troubles catching fish

That means your not using

Lake Hoppin Custom Baits!



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